Sunday, December 14, 2008

Hello WCF

From a long time, I wanted to learn the unified distributed application development technology WCF. Yes, I downloaded many webcast, presentation…. from this year beginning itself. but,


Now, only I am writing WCF hello world, and this basic program is working. Hope I will learn more soon, and share some concepts here.



Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Here, I wanted to provide Links for various great resources. Hope this will be helpful for faster reference, particularly for me :-).

This post will be getting updated frequently.


Bala Sir : Collection

Main page

Internet Programming – paper main page





. . .

Monday, December 1, 2008

Get Location details of Site visitors

Scott Hanselman wrote an interesting post about "How to find the location of the website visitors".

Fast Abstract:

Many Paid solutions / services are available.  In case of free available services, Scott is saying about, two approaches.

One: Server-side work: Using

If we are sending IP address to this site's API, they are returning an xml document with location information. It is community based one, user provided data.

Two: Client-side work: Using Google AJAX API

<script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>


google.load("jquery", "1.2.6");

google.load("jqueryui", "1.5.2");

var yourLocation = + ", "

+ google.loader.ClientLocation.address.region;


Just need to do simple registration from google site. This is working fine, yes, for me provided my ip location correctly.

And If you find any further solutions OR updated information on this, please let me know via ‘comments’.

Lyrics of “Anal meley” song from Vaaranam Aayiram

Song:  Anal meley panithuli
From Movie: Vaaranam Aayiram
Language :
Harris Jeyaraj
Written By:

… Really Wonderful song …

got this lyrics from one post in wordpress blog, thanks Muthu.



Anal meley panithuli
alai paayum oru kili
Maram thedum mazhai thuli
ivai thaaney ival ini
Imai irandum thani thani
Urakkangal uraipani
Edharkagha thadai ini (2)

Charanam 1

Endha kaatrin alaavalil malar idhazhgal virindhidumo
Endha theva vinadiyil mana araighal pirandhidumo
Oru siru vali iranthathume idhayathile idhayathile
Unathiru vizhi thadaviyathal amizhthu vitten mayakkathiley
Uthirattume udalin thirai adhuthaan ini nilaavin karai karai

Anal meley…

Charanam 2

Santhithome kanakalil sila muraiya pala muraya
Andhi vaanil ulaavinom adhu unakku ninaivillaya?
Iru karaigalai udaithidave perugiduma kadal alaiye
Iru iru uyir thathalikkayil vazhi solluma kalangaraye
Unathalaigal enai adithu karai servathum kaanavil nigazhnthida

Anal meley…

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Fun with Visual Studio : in my mother tongue too

Captions Language Interface Pack for Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 (even working fine for other applications also)

Captions Language Interface Pack (CLIP) is a simple language translation, uses tooltip captions to display translations for English user interface terms.

Now, CLIP for Visual Studio 2008 is available in Arabic, Czech, Hebrew, Hindi, Malayalam, Oriya, Polish, Tamil and Turkish.

From Scott,

It'll even help with other applications within Windows if it thinks it's got a decent translation, but for now, it is focused on correct translation for common Visual Studio options.

Quick Link:

தமிழ் - Tamil Pack (1.5 MB) – Download here

മലയാളം - Malayalam pack (1.6 MB) – Download here

Other Language List – Download here


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Gmail : Voice Chat & Video Chat

:-)    Yes

Gmail added new “Voice chat” and “Video Chat” functionality on 11-Nov-08.

Just install a small Gmail plug-in from


More details can be accessed from Gmail Blog


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Care about “Create Table AS Select” statement

Hi folks,

I had one misassumption on the SQL statement CREATE TABLE AS SELECT in database operations. We are using this form of statement for creating a table from an existing table.

Ex.  Create table New_tab as select * from Old_tab;

Yes, it is working, table creation is done. But, what I thought about it is, it will create that new_tab table with constraints & index which are available in old_tab. But, only table is created with the values (if any exists) ; constrains, primary key & index are not created for the new_tab table, even they are present in old_tab. I tried this in MySQL.

It seems this not only for MySQL, I will check any option needs to provide, to get result as expected.

If anyone have any suggestions / content about this, update me.

Saturday, November 8, 2008


Hereafter, we (Indians) can see the moon, with proud.

Yes, as you all know, Chandrayaan-1, India’s first unmanned spacecraft mission to moon, entered lunar orbit today (November 8, 2008).

Congrates for our scientists.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Silverlight 2 Toolkit, Charting Tools


Toolkit for Silverlight is released on PDC 2008. It is having lot controls, components to use with Silverlight page. It can be downloaded from CodePlex in

As reference for how to create Charts in Silverlight, we can refer an interesting post from one MSDN Blog. This post demonstrates about “Chart Builder” in silverlight. [ source code also available :-) ]

You can run the “Live Demo” of “Chart Builder” from

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Today is different

Today (07-Oct-2008), it’s different.

Several personal decisions, thoughts.

[ .. .. ... ]


And, it is first time, here am writing, about office incident.

“Jinson Jose”, my colleague, is moving to another assignment, and hence moving to another team.


Being with him, was just few days, because only few days before we joined both in same task, but these days are different.


He haven’t tried to dominate,

not avoided his work & pushing to others to make them as victims.

He shared the tasks, shared the knowledge for that task.

He is willing to share.


And in work he is perfect. He is doing the same assigned task, but in different manner.

Hope and wish him, to continue his excellence ever.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Live Mesh - Synchronizing Life

Microsoft Live Mesh -

excellent one :-) really. Try it in

You can realize you are using an Web OS

Currently only in "Technology Preview"

Hope, in upcoming PDC 2008 conference ( starting on Diwali Day, yes October 27-30), There will be a big announcement about this.


This time, even RayOzzie is there, people may miss Bill Gates. ...

Saturday, September 27, 2008

First Blog Post : via Windows Live Writer

Recently Microsoft released “Live Wave 3” beta. As you know it has lot products as package to enable life with online experience.

I wondered about improved “Windows Live Writer”, currently downloaded only this product alone. Yes, currently am doing this post in “Windows Live Writer” only.

About its usage, yeah, really nice because even several utilities available, earlier I just direct posted in “Blogger”. So, this posting experience in Windows Live Writer is greater.

-> Same Microsoft Office Interface

-> Standard Microsoft Office Features

-> Able to work with Multiple Blog Accounts

-> .. ..   ..

Try it.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Web21C SDK is joining Ribbit!

Today, i received an important information about "BT Web21C SDK". Herebelow am sharing this with you.

Announcement from "Mr JP Rangaswami (Managing Director, Strategy & Innovation, BT Design)

Dear Web21C SDK Developer,

BT has consistently supported the vision of an open, programmable telephony platform through its investment in its award winning Web21C SDK initiative. BT's vision has been to enable global innovation by giving software developers the tools they need to creatively embed voice into high-value business and personal processes through software applications. BT's goal has been to enable developers to build communications solutions that our customers want and need, as they define them, today and into the future.

Supporting our vision and goal, BT announced on 29 July that it acquired Ribbit Corporation (, underpinning our ongoing commitment and belief that voice can be integrated, personalised and monetised by developers everywhere for both enterprises and consumers, bringing to life new ideas, new experiences and new business models.

Complementing the server side tools provided by our Web21C SDK, Ribbit brings a host of client side features that will enable you to bring together voice calling and Web 2.0 experiences, turning voice into a rich feature that can be added to any application, on any device.

Ribbit's client-based API is currently based on Adobe Flash and Flex components and libraries. This API allows a web programmer or designer to access Ribbit's capabilities directly through a web page in a browser or in the case of Adobe's AIR technology, as a entirely standalone application. Ribbit is also in the process of extending its client-based APIs to Microsoft's .NET/Silverlight and Sun's JavaFX.

For more information on Ribbit's current set of APIs, which include, calling, the ability to play and record audio files and phrases, transcription of voice, access to directory listings, the ability to create, provision, and access user data and many, many more, go to

We are also in the process of migrating the Web21C SDK into Ribbit, providing you with the same server-side APIs which allow machine-to-machine communication. Supporting this migration, Ribbit will provide a REST-based API in December 2008. On top of this API, Ribbit or third parties can add numerous server language bindings including Python, Perl, Java, Ruby, and others.

To ensure a smooth transition and to focus on efforts on providing you with the REST API as soon as possible, we will be suspending the Web21C SDK platform at 12:00 pm GMT on Friday, 10 October.

In the meantime, come and play at Ribbit! If you haven't already, go to and sign up for a developer account, giving you immediate access to all the benefits already shared by the over 6,000 Ribbit developer community members including comprehensive documentation and code samples to help you "Ribbitize" your application!

As a member, you'll be able to create and share your Ribbit applications, get feedback from other developers and see what others are building. You'll also be able to participate in the community forums, where you'll receive first hand support from the Ribbit team. Additional support can be found at Contact us with your questions and we will be happy to address your needs and get you coding with Ribbit!

We look forward to enhancing your development efforts with Ribbit and we would like to thank you and your involvement with the Web21C SDK. We are excited about the opportunities ahead and look forward to your continued support during this transition, as we continue to provide you with more tools to allow you to innovate with voice and communications.

JP Rangaswami
Managing Director, Strategy & Innovation, BT Design

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Animated Sorting Algorithms

Animated Sorting Algorithms

Excellent work.

I came to know about this "Animated Sorting Algorithms" by Schott Hanselman's post.
Thanks Hanselman.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Site Visitor Locations : Map

Today i added HTML code segment to my blog, to view locations of BLOG visitors, with the help of "ClustrMaps".

Link :

You can see the dynamic map, here below,

Locations of visitors to this page

Just i registered my site url and then i got this service.

"ClustrMaps", providing HTML code segment to get MAP for registered site, as of now, in four types. I chosen one, that looks as below,

<a href="" id="clustrMapsLink">

<img src="" style="border:0px;" alt="Locations of visitors to this page" title="Locations of visitors to this page" id="clustrMapsImg" onerror="this.onerror=null; this.src=''; document.getElementById('clustrMapsLink').href='';" />


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

.NET Reflector

.NET Reflector

Excellent tool for .NET

able to view, navigate, and search through the .NET assemblies. With it, we can decompile and analyze .NET assemblies

Monday, August 25, 2008

Soon all Google Apps will have "CALL" functionality

Google acquired "GrandCentral" company on JULY, 08

Soon we will see "Phone CALL" functionality in all Google Apps

GrandCentral Communications, is a company that provides services for managing voice communications. GrandCentral is providing an innovative web-based voice communications platform that helps to manage all phones and phone numbers through one simple interface for User, with Single Number.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

BT Webservices SDK : Doing call with our application

Today, tried to access Webservices provided by BT, for accessing Telecommunication services. Just tried to do normal Voice Call & conference Call using "Web21c SDK" from BT. now Web21c SDK is available for .NET, JAVA, PHP & Python [as you think, just i tried SDK for .NET :-)

- Created an account in BT site

- Downloaded latest SDK for .NET framework (Web21C .NET v5.2.2 : size 1.35 MB)

- Configured two certificates ( one for our application, and one for BT Server)

- Configured our application's "app.config" file based on certificate process

then in code gave phone number in the format "tel:[country code][phonenumber]"
Just tried for basic function in "Voice Call" & "Conference call" services.

About Trail Usage Limit:
Sandbox certificates are only valid for 30 days, and you can only register 5 sandbox certificates. for more details about pricing

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Symbian OS - celebrates ten years of success

Symbian OS - On its 10-th anniversary

Symbian celebrates ten years of success
LONDON, United Kingdom – 24 June 2008 –
Symbian, the market leading open operating system for mobile phones,
today celebrates its ten year anniversary.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

MySQL with SUN Microsystems : Late News

Really late news, today only saw in MySQL site.

Now MySQL with SUN microsystems (processed on 16-January-2008 itself)

Sun Microsystems Announces Agreement to Acquire MySQL, Developer of the World's Most Popular Open Source Database

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Analysing Elements of Any Webpage

Hi All,

Here below details about: How to analyse Website elements using Tools.

IE Browser - Internet Explorer Developer Toolbar

Firebox Browser - Firebug plug-in

Even few months before came to know about “Internet Explorer DEVELOPER Toolbar”, yesterday only I downloaded and installed. Really it will be helpful to analyse the parts of webpage.

Usages briefly,

  • Explore and modify the document object model (DOM) of a Web page.
  • Locate and select specific elements on a Web page through a variety of techniques.
  • View HTML object class names, ID's, and details such as link paths, tab index values
  • Outline tables, table cells, images, or selected tags.
  • Validate HTML, CSS, WAI, and RSS web feed links.

Link download

IE developer Toolbar

Likewise, In Firebox, we can download and add a plug-in "FireBug". It is also having many more functionality (yes, i used only basic functionalies). currently am working on Firebox version 3. In this by default, this plugin is available.

Firebug plugin

In Internet Explorer 8 beta, IE developer tool is also coming as out of box.

So, go and explore any website, its properties....

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Convert web page to PDF



Navigate to the following link, they are converting given web page in PDF format.

html2pdf is a Service NOT a class library or EXE

For trial run, go to this id and given your favorite site URL.

Try this

html2pdf uses a PDF library of

I got this information through Chennai .NET User Group

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Predictions for the year 2008

Hi All,

I got an article about "Predictions for the year 2008" from Mr. Balasubramanian Venkatraman. He is a Lecturer, Department of Computer Science, Bharathidasan University, Trichy, Tamil Nadu, India.

Here that article is published for your view.

Balasubramanian Venkatraman wrote:

Dear friends


Happy New Year!

This is my way of saying Happy new year to you. I want to analyze the technical scenario of 2007 and my predictions for the year 2008. Since you are all tech savvy, I just wanted to share some information to you. Please go through and provide your feed backs.

The year 2007 was a good one. The IT job market was stable. Mankind got an iPhone. While there were not any revolutionary changes in the way software was developed, I believe that this was a year of rich Internet applications and Web 2.0. YouTube became a part of the lives of millions of people around the world. A large portion of the population visits orkut daily. What's next? What language/tool/technique to learn? What's the next big thing in IT? Though elders like me are also using orkut, it has been declared as an youth icon of the year 2007 by MTV. (?!)

In my opinion……..

1. Java will remain strong in large enterprises, but will continue losing ground as a development platform for small businesses. J2EE is way too heavy, and scripting languages and frameworks offer an alternative and productive way of software development when the cost of development is more important than performance and scalability. The LAMP platform will remain a preferable way to develop applications for small to medium businesses.

2. AJAX popularity may go downhill. I have red a number of articles in blogs which say AJAX is not
a good choice for developing enterprise applications. But the vast majority of the software world was (and still is) marching the AJAX way. This time it's more of a hope than a prediction that in 2008 people will realize that AJAX should serve the same goal as JavaScript – making your Web pages a little prettier. Expect to see the re-branding of some of the AJAX frameworks into RIA or Web 2.0 solutions.

3. Speaking of Web 2.0… Even though Web 2.0 was not officially defined, I think it's all about giving more control to the users of the Web sites. The more interactive a Web site is, the higher the number people will put in front of the zero – 3.0, 4.0, and so on. Some people say that Web 3.0 is about Semantic Web. If you bought a grill on, they can guess with high probability that you might be shopping for rib-eye steaks. Check it out the next time you visit the site. It's all about control. From the user's side and from the vendor's side. We'll see more and more interactive sites next year. While some people are planning to write next-generation sophisticated software, others will come up with a very simple, easy-to-implement but appealing business idea, and the next 20-year billionaire is born. As someone who reads anything if it contains a string "semantic web", I believe semantic web is not web 3.0

4. Flash Player will remain the best deployment platform for rich Internet applications. While Microsoft is trying to come up with a competitive delivering platform for RIA, it's not going to happen in 2008. Silverlight 1.0 is a good start, the next version (1.1) will be even better, but it'll take time to release a product that can do more than streaming multimedia.

5. Ruby on Rails will take a small share of the market of small non-mission-critical Web applications. Convention over configuration. Speed of development over performance. While Ruby on Rails will not become a framework of choice, it has achieved a very positive result – people have started to realize that not every project has to be developed in either Java or .NET. Besides, RoR is a well-designed framework that will become a good design sample for the new frameworks of the future.

6. Internet video and television will be booming and I'm not talking about YouTube. Internet Video will start being a part of a number of enterprise applications. This process won't be fast, and you have an opportunity to be among the early adopters in this sector.

7. Outsourcing will gain more and more ground despite the fact that it's very expensive and the project failure rate is high. The reason is that the U.S. has almost stopped producing software engineers. It's just a matter of time before everyone gets used to the fact that business software is made in India, just like we all know that all toys (with or without lead) are made in China. But innovation in software will still be happening in America. I guess, there's something in the air here. Re-read an old but valid article by Paul Graham about why Silicon Valley can't be exported.

8. Apple - next year I'll finally purchase a MacBook Pro or sony vaio for myself… if our Toshiba satellite and tecra will die. Peer pressure, a cool design and the ability to run Windows (plan B),will force me to ignore the high price.

9. Telephony. If 2007 was the year of Skype, we'll see some interesting development in this area. Skype is a great product, but it requires you to download and install software. In the era of RIA, things can be done without it. Watch the Ribbit phone software that will allow you to make calls and receive e-mails just from your Web browser.

10. IT job market. ( I am sorry yarr I also pray to God, that this should not happen) While we've enjoyed a stable demand for IT professionals in 2007, it won't last and next year we'll see project freezes and even layoffs. The reason is the burst of the real estate bubble. This will affect not only those simple people who were brainwashed and decided that they could have afforded an American dream. CEOs of major Wall Street, UK, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyd corporations are being fired after drowning their companies by getting into bad mortgage debt. Among other things, the IT budget will be severely cut. As you know, today on Wall Street, is tomorrow on Main street. Use the training budget of your employer now if it's not too late. Keep your skills up to date.

11. The hottest IT skills of 2008. When the job market is tight, recruiters immediately increase the list of skill requirements for job openings. You'll see job postings that expect you to know a number of programming languages ranging from Cobol to C++. Knowing just one hot tool does not cut it anymore. But if you have limited time and need money, start by learning tools for developing rich Internet applications. The skill set of a highly paid Web developer, at a minimum, has to include the following skills:
HTML,CSS, JavaScript, J2EE or.NET, Flex or Silverlight, AJAX, and good communication skills. You do not have to really learn AJAX, but must add AJAX keyword to your resume, otherwise you may not even get a job interview.

12. The next big thing. Software development will change to a wider use of code generators. Forget about heavy frameworks, regardless of what programming language you use. In a simple case, use some XML style sheets combined with the metadata that describes your application objects to automatically generate the code for these objects. On a larger scale, the entire application may be described using metadata and XML, and an appropriate code generator will do the job. So programming will change from writing tedious code that requires lots of coders to describing the metadata and writing custom code generators.

To say all the above things, I don't need much technical expertise, just watching some mash-ups like Google news, IT business edge, technology market watch, and the web site of the organization that sets the tone for the public policy for the Indian software industry,

Again I wish to say,

Happy New Year & Let this year bring a lot of prosperity to you, your family and to our country.


Bala Venkat

Disclaimer: all the above are my personal opinion and not of the organization which i belong to.