Saturday, February 21, 2009

Dangerous Programming Mistakes

>> Just recently I did the #1 mistake

>> Please have a time to view this list

Top 25 Most Dangerous Programming Mistakes

1. Improper Input Validation

Ensure that your input is valid. If you're expecting a number, it shouldn't contain letters. Nor should the price of a new car be allowed to be a dollar. Incorrect input validation can lead to vulnerabilities when attackers can modify their inputs in unexpected ways. Many of today's most common vulnerabilities can be eliminated, or at least reduced, with strict input validation.

2. Improper Encoding or Escaping of Output

Insufficient output encoding is at the root of most injection-based attacks. An attacker can modify the commands that you intend to send to other components, possibly leading to a complete compromise of your application - not to mention exposing the other components to exploits that the attacker would not be able to launch directly. When your program generates outputs to other components in the form of structured messages such as queries or requests, be sure to separate control information and metadata from the actual data.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

HTML Table

Just drawn HTML table with rowspan & colspan

   1: <table border="1">


   3: <tr> <td rowspan=2> ab </td>

   4:      <td colspan=2> cd </td>

   5: </tr>

   6: <tr> <td> ef </td>

   7:      <td rowspan=2> gh </td>

   8: </tr>

   9: <tr> <td colspan=2> ik </td>

  10: </tr> 

  11: </table>

ab cd
ef gh

Fiddler : HTTP Traffic Debugger Proxy

While studying the basis of “ADO.NET Data Services”, I came to know about an excellent tool called “Fiddler”.

  • HTTP Web Debugger Proxy
  • Logs all the HTTP Traffic
  • so able to view all HTTP communication, in may formats (as RAW format, as XML.. and may more options).

really useful, if you haven’t used yet, consider this. Here it is :

Info about “Fiddler” in MSDN:


Earlier while starting with .NET 2.0 XML web services, I was struggled to trace SOAP messages communication. I don’t heard about this that time. Fortunately now no problem about that. :-)

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Photos : Some from Oochappan’s Collection


Today I had a chance to view collections by ‘Oochappan’. Friend Shobin told about his collection and gave a link to this great place. Thanks shobin.

Special in this gallery what I am wondering is lot of photos from My Tamil Nadu, My People, My India.

Great to see His photos..  we can able to feel colors..

Photos Links

Collection In here

Collection In here

A huge number of shots are there.. some among them

1.blueMan-from-Oochappan 2.LorryDriversfrom-Oochappan


3.LoadMen-from-Oochappan 4.BallonShop-from-Oochappan