Friday, March 27, 2009

Microsoft Virtual Techdays 2009


24 hours – Online Event (yes it is first ever 24 hours event)  on April-01

Its online. Its free

If interested, do register here

As we know, already lot of domestic or international events done. But we might missed some of the sessions due to work place restriction, that day’s work / time zone.

But hope this new event will be a new kind.. and will be trendsetter.

coachmap 3

will be covering all time zones.

Monday, March 23, 2009

WCF Links, Web Casts, Notes


WCF – Webcast Links

Latest WCF Screen casts in MSDN


MIKE TAULTY'S BLOG [Slightly out of date, but clearly explaining the concepts – MUST to See]


Nicholas Allen's Indigo Blog [year 2006 web casts]


WCF (Indigo) – Some Important Blog Links


"Service Station", by Aaron Skonnard   (WCF Trainer, MVP) important Blog for WCF


Wenlong's Blog (Microsoft WCF Team)



- He is posting rarely, but extreme quality discussion will be.


Nicholas Allen's Indigo Blog  (Microsoft WCF Team)

WCF – Some Important Article/Discussions Links

Message Contract (vs.) Data Contract : Discussion


WCF Service : ASP.NET compatibility mode


Must Check


WCF instancing mode default (ServiceBehaviorAttribute.InstanceContextMode)

And I attached my brief notes here.

MCTS 70-503 Exam (WCF)


Update: I added links to useful blogs and articles in new post, click here

Last Saturday 21-Mar-2009, I attended WCF 3.5 Certification (MCTS 70-503) exam, and cleared.


I did my initial two MCTS exams in 2007. After that, I was sayinng a long time about getting further certifications, but went only in words for long time.


Started preparation on 70-529 (.NET 2.0 - Distributed Application Development) after long time. As you know that was too delayed work. Because Microsoft has already released WCF, a new unified connected systems technology.

So continued with WCF.

Thanks to all who supported, and special thanks to Ashok.

I will update about some important links to WCF, in later post.