Monday, March 23, 2009

MCTS 70-503 Exam (WCF)


Update: I added links to useful blogs and articles in new post, click here

Last Saturday 21-Mar-2009, I attended WCF 3.5 Certification (MCTS 70-503) exam, and cleared.


I did my initial two MCTS exams in 2007. After that, I was sayinng a long time about getting further certifications, but went only in words for long time.


Started preparation on 70-529 (.NET 2.0 - Distributed Application Development) after long time. As you know that was too delayed work. Because Microsoft has already released WCF, a new unified connected systems technology.

So continued with WCF.

Thanks to all who supported, and special thanks to Ashok.

I will update about some important links to WCF, in later post.


Rupali said...

Hi Muruga,

Hope you are fine.

Conratulations for clearing your exam. I am also plannig and preparing for the WCF exam from last 2 months, but dont know why I am not able to get full confidence,

I am in the mid of the Training kit Book published by Microsoft PHI. But some how I have not faith on the Training kit Material and the Test Questions.

Can you please guide me which is the best way to get prepared for the exam?

What material did you follow? From where your exam's questions were mostly from?

I wanted to give my Exam in the end of this month.

Waiting for your response,

Muruganantham Durairaj said...

Thanks, and advanced wishes for you.

Generally, “Training kit Book” is an excellent one, since they would have several real-time scenarios (and) abstract solution regarding that.

About 70-503, exam is subject to "WCF 3.5" only, new enhancements like REST based access will be only in .NET FX 4.0; so no problems about them.

Personally, that time I haven’t practiced on “generic message handling". So, I missed to answer about this.

About exam topics,
I haven't remember all information exactly, but some of them like,

[Must Items]
Qs around basics (like, about hosting (in which situation, how we will decide the hosting method)

If you are in VS 2008, hope you are using "built-in Tool" for handling config details. Besides that, some basic knowledge about "XML config file entries" needed. If i am not confusing you, what i meant is familiarity about xml entries in config sections.

Binding fundamentals, and binding configurations

Transactions handling (like sequence of several method calls will form a transaction)

Fault handling basics (exceptions management)

[/Must Items]

[Other Items]
- about how to specify the "attributes" in WCF for various needs.

- concurrency handling, instance handing stateful OR stateless instances)

- Tracing & Logging basics
[/Other Items]

About preparation,
At first look, watching webcasts gave better understaing as "fast". then reading about the same in articles/book will give "deep" idea.

I think, following link will be very useful [as it did form me]. Slightly out of date, but clearly explaining the concepts – MUST to See

videos from MIKE TAULTY'S BLOG

i tried samples based on these.

More links specified here

Good Luck, advanced wishes again.


Rupali said...

Hi Muruga,

Thanks for your quick reply !!

One thing I wanted to ask you, You know Now a days a CD is coming with the Training Kit Book which includes Practise Test powered by MeasureUp.

Did you have a look on these questions. I mean to say that If I practise only these Questions as well as the questions which are given at the end of the lessons in the Training KIT book, Will I be able to clear the exam.?

You know its being hectic working whole day at Office and after that to get a time to read all the Practise Labs scenarios and chapters thoroughly from the book :(

Kindly suggest .

Thanks for your Valuable advise.

akila said...


I am also planning to do 70-503 wcf certification, Thanks for ur infomration. can u please provide me with the details like exam hours, number of question and is there any sections in it etc?

Muruganantham Durairaj said...


Hi.. Practise Test provided in CD, will surely help you, to get the "exam point of view".

But i think only these Questions may not help you. Qs in end of lessons of Training KIT book, Will give practical issues and will provide "usage area ideas"

>>>You know its being hectic working whole day at Office and after that to get a time to read all the Practise Labs scenarios and chapters thoroughly from the book :(

Really agree with you.. i hope most of all of them facing this.

This "sample practice test" will help you. As well try out some more examples, as in above links.

Do well.

One request: Now i am not having, softcopy of this 70-503 book, if you have try to send me. Thanks in advance. My id: muruga.klt at

Muruganantham Durairaj said...


I remember as,
Exam duration: two and half hours
No. of Qs : 43 (or) 45

And "further info & related links" are as same in the above comments. Prepare and do well.

Amit Rai said...

Hi Murugan,

Many thanks for providing the valuable information on WCF MCTS exam. Can you share the soft copy of the WCF training book? I am in UK and book are really expensive here. So I would like to first review the content before purchasing the book. My email id is amitraisharma at


Muruganantham Durairaj said...

Some more helpful "WCF related links" can be found here

karthik said...

HI Miruga,

Congrats on clearing the MCTS 70-503 exam.
i am planning to take this exam soon.started preperation for this.

do you have any Practice test CD of the application kit?i have the application kit of 70-503(e-book) but i am looking for the CD which contains the Practise tests.

Thanks in advance