Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Azure Contest – Jaiho application

Around one and half month back, I came to know about in NewCloudApp() developer challenge. It was a contest for creating Windows Azure based web application (or) service. I participated in that same [In 'international category'] with hearty support from my friend Ashok. Created a application called "Jaiho" and hosted here.

Now the contest is completed, congrats to the winners. My application is not selected, however thanks to all who tried the Jaiho application and voted for this.

About application "Jaiho" application:

Initially we planned to implement  many functionalities for this website as like “big social networking website” like Facebook, Orkut.

Due to time limit, and laziness only few functions were implemented while hosted for contest.

Currently following functionalities are in this application,

  • User can create an account newly  (by new username, password)  (OR)
  • User can also create account by other web 2.0 website’s username password (OpenID / OAuth based User Authentication)
  • Anyone can do “Search operation” by “myBing” section [it is using Bing search engine’s API]
  • After creating account, user can store any files into this website (internally storing the data in Azure Blob storage)
  • Currently all uploaded files accessible to public (will be changed, based on user choice)


I missed to post the details about “Jaiho” in this blog. Here below the excerpt of the mail which I sent to friends to promote this app for voting. Please Note: this below image is also hosted in cloud (by my account in Jaiho application). (i.e) image URL is:



More information about Azure Platform can be viewed here

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Update (05-Nov-2009):

Recently got notice from Microsoft, as I have to shift all my application/storage data to anther “region”, and previous data will get deleted. Excerpt of that notice is as follows:

“You are receiving this mail because you have an application or storage account in Windows Azure in the “USA - Northwest” region.  Windows Azure production applications and storage will no longer be supported in the ‘USA-Northwest’ region.  We will be deleting all Windows Azure applications and storage accounts in the “USA - Northwest” region on November 3rd.”

So, currently this basic application is down


Links – August 2009

I would like ScottGu’s Link series posts. Based on that inspiration, Here I am starting Link posts, for some new Links I came across as useful. Note: I will update this post, within this month
Last updated Date: 04-Aug-2009

Azure Platform:

  • Azure Pricing Model: Pricing Model for Microsoft Azure is released. Details can be viewed in Windows Azure blog (or) in Azure Platform website

  • GZip Compression for Azure Blob storage: Windows Azure currently doesn't compressing uncompressed data on the fly. Here is how to do manually.


  • WCF authentication in Silverlight: Mike Taulty's interesting post about “Silverlight could do WCF authentication using TransportWithMessageCredential security” is here

  • .NET RIA Services White paper [July 2009]: Microsoft .NET RIA Services July 2009 Preview can be downloaded from here.  

  • Out of Browser Feature: Silverlight’s new feature Links: Link1, Link2 (and) Link3  



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