Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Create certificate for - Windows Azure Service Management API - Authentication

I was tried to access my Azure Hosted service”, using Windows Azure Service Management API. This just released (september 2009) API, currently doing authentication using

From MSDN,

Any valid X.509 v3 certificate can be used for authentication. You can use a self-signed certificate or one signed by a certificate authority.

To access our “Azure Hosted service” using “Azure Service Management API”, we need to upload our Certificate certificate file (*.cer) to the Azure Portal. [this kind of authentication may be changed by Microsoft, since this API is now in earlier version]

Some Useful links about “creating Certificate file”:

  • Using MakeCert.exe : from msdn link
  • Using IIS to generate a X509 certificate : from Eric Nelson’s msdn blog link

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Azure Hosted Service Manger Tool

Currently Cerebrata company, is in process of creating WPF based tool which uses this API. Once screenshot of this tool for view.


I will update about this application in later post.