Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Links – August 2009

I would like ScottGu’s Link series posts. Based on that inspiration, Here I am starting Link posts, for some new Links I came across as useful. Note: I will update this post, within this month
Last updated Date: 04-Aug-2009

Azure Platform:

  • Azure Pricing Model: Pricing Model for Microsoft Azure is released. Details can be viewed in Windows Azure blog (or) in Azure Platform website

  • GZip Compression for Azure Blob storage: Windows Azure currently doesn't compressing uncompressed data on the fly. Here is how to do manually.


  • WCF authentication in Silverlight: Mike Taulty's interesting post about “Silverlight could do WCF authentication using TransportWithMessageCredential security” is here

  • .NET RIA Services White paper [July 2009]: Microsoft .NET RIA Services July 2009 Preview can be downloaded from here.  

  • Out of Browser Feature: Silverlight’s new feature Links: Link1, Link2 (and) Link3  



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