Monday, March 23, 2009

WCF Links, Web Casts, Notes


WCF – Webcast Links

Latest WCF Screen casts in MSDN


MIKE TAULTY'S BLOG [Slightly out of date, but clearly explaining the concepts – MUST to See]


Nicholas Allen's Indigo Blog [year 2006 web casts]


WCF (Indigo) – Some Important Blog Links


"Service Station", by Aaron Skonnard   (WCF Trainer, MVP) important Blog for WCF


Wenlong's Blog (Microsoft WCF Team)



- He is posting rarely, but extreme quality discussion will be.


Nicholas Allen's Indigo Blog  (Microsoft WCF Team)

WCF – Some Important Article/Discussions Links

Message Contract (vs.) Data Contract : Discussion


WCF Service : ASP.NET compatibility mode


Must Check


WCF instancing mode default (ServiceBehaviorAttribute.InstanceContextMode)

And I attached my brief notes here.