Sunday, August 24, 2008

BT Webservices SDK : Doing call with our application

Today, tried to access Webservices provided by BT, for accessing Telecommunication services. Just tried to do normal Voice Call & conference Call using "Web21c SDK" from BT. now Web21c SDK is available for .NET, JAVA, PHP & Python [as you think, just i tried SDK for .NET :-)

- Created an account in BT site

- Downloaded latest SDK for .NET framework (Web21C .NET v5.2.2 : size 1.35 MB)

- Configured two certificates ( one for our application, and one for BT Server)

- Configured our application's "app.config" file based on certificate process

then in code gave phone number in the format "tel:[country code][phonenumber]"
Just tried for basic function in "Voice Call" & "Conference call" services.

About Trail Usage Limit:
Sandbox certificates are only valid for 30 days, and you can only register 5 sandbox certificates. for more details about pricing