Sunday, November 16, 2008

Fun with Visual Studio : in my mother tongue too

Captions Language Interface Pack for Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 (even working fine for other applications also)

Captions Language Interface Pack (CLIP) is a simple language translation, uses tooltip captions to display translations for English user interface terms.

Now, CLIP for Visual Studio 2008 is available in Arabic, Czech, Hebrew, Hindi, Malayalam, Oriya, Polish, Tamil and Turkish.

From Scott,

It'll even help with other applications within Windows if it thinks it's got a decent translation, but for now, it is focused on correct translation for common Visual Studio options.

Quick Link:

தமிழ் - Tamil Pack (1.5 MB) – Download here

മലയാളം - Malayalam pack (1.6 MB) – Download here

Other Language List – Download here